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The Marine Grease Guardians are designed to handle sea operations in the following manners:

  • Manufactured from 316 stainless steel. Regular Grease Guardian for land are made from 304 stainless
  • Reinforced Water-tight lid to prevent spillage during rough seas.
  • Motorised valve on grease discharge pipe. Again to prevent accidental spillage or overflow, this valve remains shut until the skimming operation commences.
  • Grease collection container is secured within a watertight frame again to prevent accidental spillage during rough seas.
  • Skimming is achieved using a more efficient drum roller rather than a skimming wheel. This higher operational efficiency assists the on-board wastewater treatment plant in improving its discharge limit obligations as required under Marpol Annex IV.
  • Internal spray bar for an automated internal cleaning cycle to reduce the time spent of cleaning the unit. Connection to a hot water supply for internal cleaning.
  • Anchoring plates to secure the unit to the deck or frame.
  • Connection to ship pipes can be done via stubs with rubber couplers, threaded finish or with PN6 – PN16 flanges.
  • Powder coated painted finish available upon request as an optional extra. Client needs to specify the RAL number.
  • In place of the standard gastronorm container, we can supply the unit with a jerry can kit, which includes 3no. 25 litre jerrycans, fixing plate to anchor to the deck, straps and connection hose.
  • Designed to perform in accordance with the discharge standards required under EN1825, PDI-G101 and ASME A112.14.3 (i.e. either <25mg/l or 90% reduction in free floating oils).


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